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From the Sol Ellus 2 (Blue)

Cape Kiwanda 3/1/12
A day to learn and live. It felt like a day of playing. I know I stole this song from a Jean Baptiste Chandelier. I beg forgiveness, but it was just too sweet.

Cape Lookout 4/14/12
This video represents my first real success with soaring. Conditions were marginal on the light side all day, but I will never forget the feeling of 100% grade A Oregon AWESOMENESS.

Sollie Smith 4/22/12
With the coast shut down, we followed some other pilots to fly in the dairy air above Tillamook. The sledders from Sollie are superb and smooth.

Cape Lookout 4/29/12
Few things are better than driving up to a site and seeing pilots darting in and out of clouds. Being my longest flight at over 3 hours, the Oceanside Fly-in was decidedly a success.

Cape Perpetua 5/20/12
There are many activities in this video I do not endorse, but the flight was beautiful. I endangered no one but myself, though I don't think I would do it again...

SIV Clinic 6/25-27/12
Brad G. was our grounded guardian angel as we fought to return our wings to flying condition. It was literally a crash course in learning to control my glider.

Pine Mountain Summer Flying
The coast shut down for the season, so I headed in land to the magical lands of Pine Mountain. There, I learned the true meaning of venturi effect. The Desert Air Riders deserve respect for both their flying skills and their kindness. Until we fly again my friends.

Yaquina Head 9/18/12
My last flight in Oregon and my last flight with my buddy Ryan. It was the right way to close. Ryan - WE SHALL RISE AGAIN!

Farewell Oregon
My time in Oregon was over. This isn't truly a flying video, but there's enough in it to merit its place on this site. Making this, I finally realized Oregon had become home.

Kealakekua, Fall 2012
I arrived to the Big Island of Hawaii a bit timid in my flying. I didn't really know how to thermal, until my second week of flying with the Sky Pigs.

Kealakekua, Winter 2012-2013
Eventually, I too was given the title of Sky Pig. The guys in Kealakekua treated me like one of their own. The wing mount in this video was probably not one of the safest flying decisions I had ever made. I need to adjust the design before redeploying.

Final Hawaiian Flights, Winter 2013
The last weekend I had over Kealakekua was amazing. There is no other way to describe it. And then, a week later, I flew Kahana. A flying high.

Aloha Hawaii
Even as I was leaving Hawaii, I could not help but reflect on my time there. I did more than just fly. I mean, I flew a lot. A Lot. But I did more than just fly.

Oregon Flying, Winter 2013
My return to Oregon was graced with several good flights and, well, one short flight that resulted in throwing my glider in a large bush.

Upon reaching the mid-point of the Appalachian Trail, I found myself in the land where I had learned to fly. A week off to see family also gave me ample time to fly with some old friends.

I started the Appalachian Trail on March 20th, 2013. I met some amazing people and experienced the highest highs with the lowest lows. There is no flying to be found here, but I think it is worth a watch anyhow.

From the Gradient Aspen (White)

Sollie Smith 4/29/12
I still don't know if we were riding ridge lift or thermals that day. Either way, good times.

Cape Perpetua 5/20/12
A different take on the day's events

Cape Lookout, Spring 2012
Old reliable Cape Lookout. Not too much more to say.

Mary's Peak, February 2013
Ryan took to the blistery Oregon winter skies to capture this nice little flight.

Spring Soaring, 2013
A mix from Ryan's perspective of some spring flying.

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