Weather Station

The site's goal is to make a one stop shop for finding weather forecasts for a particular flying site. I am still tinkering around trying to make the display optimal, so I appreciate suggestions. If a flying site is not represented on this list and you would like a forecast, see the Pacific Northwest MM5 Map, the Oregon Windcast, USAIRNET, and XC Skies.  If you would like a site added to the list, send a message with the site coordinates, description, and weather forecasting information.

Pacific NW Sites:
Click a site for current weather info
Wind conditions given here are for ideal flying at the site

S-WSW, ~5 mph
S and N, ~10 mph

WNW-NNW, ~5-10 mph / WSW-WNW ~10-14 mph

WNW-NNW, ~10-20 mph / WSW-SSW ~7-10 mph

W-NW, ~5 mph (variable)

Pine Mountain (Glass off)
NW, ~10-13 mph

Amazon Field (Kiting Only)
Any Direction, 8-18 mph

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